Top 20 Must-Watch Movies About Moving and Why We Love Them

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Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, there are a plethora of popular movies about moving that can put a smile on your face and help you get in the right mindset to make your move. From hilarious comedies to family movies and even popular flix like the Harry Potter series, there are plenty of movies out there that will make any kind of move more enjoyable.

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Catch these top 20 must-watch movies about moving that are sure to make your move more exciting and lighthearted. 

1. Toy Story 3

We all know and love the original animated film, Toy Story. But, when Andy is all grown up and ready to move to college in the third sequel, Toy Story 3, all of our favorite friends, including Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Slinky Dog, and even the comical Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, find themselves moving as well. However, when they end up in a chaotic daycare center, the gang seeks to find a nicer, more toy-friendly forever home. This is a great movie about moving for all ages, both young and old, because it positively highlights friendship, family, and the joy that encompasses finding a true home sweet home. 

2. The Sound of Music 

The next movie on our list is a true classic – The Sound of Music. Filmed in the stunning Austrian Alps and filled with melodious songs that we can all sing along to, this movie is also a great flick to watch if you want to feel empowered to make a big move all by yourself. The main protagonist, Maria, sets out to take up a new job in a new land, and in a new home full of children, laughter, and song. By the end of the movie, you will see that a big move isn’t something that should be scary and stressful, but rather should be met with optimism and excitement. The hills are alive with the sound of music, and so is your heart as you pack up your boxes to make your own big move! 

3. ​​The Harry Potter Movies 

This eight movie series is perfect for those with children or teens that are about to move to a new town and attend a brand new school.

Like Harry Potter and his friends, they all have to leave the comfort of their original homes and embark on a magical adventure to the wizarding halls of Hogwarts, a supernatural school for young witches and wizards! So, what can you take away from watching these otherworldly movies about moving? You and your kids will feel enthusiastic and encouraged to make the move because you will have the opportunity to meet amazing people and make new friends! 

4. Funny Farm 

Who doesn’t love a good movie starring Chevy Chase? In Funny Farm, Chevy leaves the big city and heads to the countryside. This story uses comedy to give the audience a good laugh about a city boy that finds his new home amidst the thrill of nature. Anybody who is planning to move from the city to a small-town vibe has to check out this movie! 

5. Coming To America

You might think that moving to a new city is stressful. But, what if you were an African prince that moved from his esteemed hometown and privileged life halfway across the world to America… just to find a wife! Well, that is exactly what happens in this hilarious movie about moving to an exotic place where you have to navigate your way through a strange culture with foreign norms. Join the adventure with Prince Akeem as he flees to Queens, New York in this comical film about making big moves!

6. The Money Pit 

So, you’re thinking about getting a fixer-upper? Then we have the perfect movie for you! Produced by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks, The Money Pit is about a happy young couple that bought their dream home for a steal of a price! But, when they actually move in, they quickly realize they are in over their heads. Get your laugh on as you see each hysterical scene unfold in front of your eyes.

7. Moving 

What better movie to watch about moving than one that is literally called Moving?If you’re headed to a new home because you are relocating for a job, then you have to watch this movie. And if you plan to have a moving company give you a helping hand, you might have second thoughts after you see Moving! 

8. Raising Arizona 

Next on our list of movies about moving is none other than Raising Arizona. If you haven’t seen this movie before, then be prepared to laugh! This is a great movie for young couples that plan to have children of their own and are considering making a move to a bigger home to support their growing family. Speaking of a growing family… 

9. Cheaper by the Dozen 

Here’s a fact: Moving with children is no easy task. However, once you see Cheaper by the Dozen, you will feel a lot better about your big family move, because nothing can compare to the crazy ride this family has to go through as they make their move! 

10. Casablanca 

Number 10 on our list of movies about moving is the 1942 classic, Casablanca. The movie takes place in a dangerous city in Morocco, where people from a variety of backgrounds are stuck together and are trying to make their move to the Americas. If you are looking for a thrilling adventure, romance, and a nostalgic feel of a black and white movie, then Casablanca is for you. 

11. Beetlejuice 

Think your new place might be haunted? Well, it might just be Beetlejuice trying to scare you out of your home! This comedy is the perfect flick to watch if you plan to move in the month of October because everyone loves a good Halloween movie full of comical ghosts and ghouls! If you like otherworldly characters, then this next moving movie is for you. 

12. Twilight

When Bella makes her move to her father’s home in Washington, a huge change from her previous home in sunny Arizona, she quickly realizes that her new town is a little bit… supernatural. Sink your teeth into this exciting movie about love, vampires, werewolves, and new beginnings before you move to your new neighborhood! 

13. Footloose 

We all know that a move means big changes, some of which we might not always be prepared for. That is exactly what happened to the main protagonist, Ren, who moved from the bustling city of Chicago to a small Midwestern town that banned rock n’ roll and dancing. Luckily for you, you probably won’t be moving to a neighborhood that outlaws music and dancing! But, be sure to watch this movie if you want to see how Ren transforms this dead town into a hopping hotspot where everyone can let their feet run loose! 

14. The Karate Kid 

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting! Hoo! Haa! When young Daniel moves all the way from New Jersey to Southern California with his mother, he is in for a surprise with some big life changes. Not only does he have to live in a not-so-new home, but he has to face other obstacles like bullies. On the bright side, he meets the love of his life and makes a new friend – a Kung Fu master that teaches him how to defend himself from his foes. Moving might be a little scary for kids. But, after they watch The Karate Kid, they’ll be ready to go! 

15. The Lost Boys 

Similar to The Karate Kid, The Lost Boys revolves around two brothers that move with their mother to Northern California. However, that is about the only similarity this movie shares with The Karate Kid. In fact, this movie is more closely related to Twilight, in that the film is filled with haunting themes of the undead and blood-sucking vampires! If you’re looking for a movie that might give you a few goosebumps before your move, then this is it! 

16. The Odd Couple 

Planning to move in with a roommate? How about rooming with your best friend who just so happens to live a completely opposite lifestyle as you? In The Odd Couple, soon-to-be-divorcee Felix moves in with his best friend, Oscar, and they quickly realize that they are in for a long ride. As far as movies about moving go, this has to be one of the most humorous. This silly movie centers around the mismatched lifestyles of the roommates – uptight, neat-freak Felix and messy, down-to-earth Oscar. 

17. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 

We all know that moving might mean you will be a bit farther away, or closer to, your immediate family. Here’s the good news: no matter where you go, your family is always with you in your heart. In My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the family might be in Toula’s heart just a little too much! In this movie, the story revolves around Toula, a Greek woman looking for love. When she falls for a foreigner that is certainly not Greek, she has to find a way for her big fat Greek family to accept him in her life. 

18. Dumb and Dumber 

Stumble across the country on this hilarious heist with actors Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as they make their way to Aspen, Colorado to return a suitcase full of money to its rightful owner. You’ll quickly realize that maybe your road trip to move all of your belongings from one home to another isn’t so bad after all! 

19. Ghostbusters

A new home often means a new job. And for the expressive team of scientists in Ghostbusters, a brand new job is exactly what they need to make their beloved home city, New York City, safe from ghosts! Definitely check out this family-friendly haunted flick if you plan to take up a new job when you make your move. 

20. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Last but not least on our movies about moving list is none other than a holiday comedy! Join in on the family fun, and holiday catastrophes, of the Griswold family’s Christmas celebrations! In Christmas Vacation, the Griswold family is finally home for the holidays. No more traveling across the country or across the world! However, was home sweet home really the best place for them to celebrate Christmas? If you plan to move during the holidays, then you won’t want to miss this final movie on our list!

More Tips to Make Your Move Less Stressful

Now put those moving boxes aside, grab some popcorn, and immerse yourself in some of these fantastic movies about moving! And when it’s time to get back to packing, take these top tips to lower moving stress into account so you can stress less and have more fun with your move. Still looking for the perfect place to move to? At Richman Signature, we offer amazing luxury apartments located in some of the most desirable cities across the country, including San Diego, Dallas, Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Browse some of our most popular luxury apartment locations to find your dream place to live. 

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