Tips for Lowering Moving Stress

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Don’t be a hero (hire movers)

Even for the financially responsible, movers are ALWAYS worth the splurge! Movers are fast, accountable for the safety of your belongings and do all the heavy lifting. They take on majority of the workload making up for the added cost tenfold. If you’re moving to the Tampa, Orlando or San Diego area, Signature communities The , Lenox at Bloomingdale, Grady Square , Aurora, The Morgan and F11, have discounts on moving services from local businesses! A list of exact offers can be found here:

Move on a weekend or take the day off

Moving is stressful enough as-is. Don’t make things harder on yourself by trying to move on your lunch break or at quitting time from your day job. Let’s not forget, the best part about moving on a Saturday or Sunday is how much better the celebratory bubbly will taste once you’re finished!

Create a Moving Power Playlist 

Everything in life is better with a curated power playlist! Music is an extremely effective stress management tool that research has shown affects our brains in significant ways. The soundtrack to your move should be a mix of pump up and dance songs that will get you excited, for the arguably very unexciting, task at hand. If you’re feeling uninspired or don’t have the time to make your own, we highly recommend the “Moving Day Jams” playlist by Richman Signature on Spotify!

Work smarter, not harder

Use smaller packing boxes that will be easier to carry. Clothes that are on hangers can be covered in sections with trash bags so they don’t need to be re-hung later. Clothes in your dressers can stay there! Movers will wrap and pack them up as-is. Consider labeling boxes with the items inside and which room they belong for a seamless unpacking process.  Take a photo of how all your electronic cables are connected so you can remember which wires go where. Moving is expensive! Rather than spend money on bubble wrap, use clothing like old t-shirts and socks to wrap around glass items.

Pack the essentials separately 

Anything you’ll need access to on moving day should be packed separate from the rest of your stuff. This would be things like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, tools, water, etc.

If you haven’t used it since your last move, you don’t need it

Donate it. Give it to a friend. Throw it out.


Now kick back, relax and make yourself at home!


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