Top 5 Reasons Why Swimming is the Best Exercise

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We all require healthy workout in order to lead a balanced lifestyle, but it’s often hard to make that happen due to our hectic schedules. Swimming not only has a long range of health benefits, but it also guarantees that extra fun and joy, making the activity less tiring.

After all, what could be better than taking a swim in the cool waters of a swimming pool on a hot sunny day, and knowing you are getting some exercising in? ‘

Here are 5 reasons why you should hop in the pool right now!

1) It helps your heart

Swimming, an aerobic exercise, helps in strengthening the heart. When we swim, the strenuous activity of pumping blood to the different parts of the body is faster and much more reliable.

2) Reduces Asthma Symptoms

A daily swim helps in improving the symptoms, results in less snoring and mouth-breathing while sleeping. Swimming gives you the best work out in moist air surroundings, which makes it work on the asthmatic symptoms by increasing the lung volume.

3) Burns Calories

Who doesn’t love burning those extra calories while doing almost nothing? According to research, an average swim of 10 minutes is enough to help you burn all those carbs stored in your body!

4) Improves Flexibility

The range of motions and movements required out of our body while swimming is enough to give you that required flexibility in your body. You may not be able to do a split after taking a swim, but it will certainly help with your overall day to day motion!

5) Lowers Risk of Diabetes

Swimming increases insulin sensitivity and the glycemic control that it offers helps diabetic patients stay in comfort and ease. It also helps those without diabetes maintain good levels of cholesterol.

So the next time you’re looking to exercise, try going for a swim at your Richman Signature Property pool!


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