The 7 Essential Things You Didn’t Know You Needed for Your Apartment

Apartment Living Hacks

You already know that an apartment should have a couch, a bed, some trash bins, and window curtains. However, aside from the basics, there are a few other useful things every apartment needs

From practical, hand-held tools to clever devices that will help you breathe happily, you will love these handy, must-have items that are perfect for an apartment. Without further ado, here are 7 essential things that will make you feel at home in any apartment. 

1. Breathe Easy with a Dehumidifier

Cool things for an apartment dehumidifier

Here’s a fact: no one wants to live in an apartment that has a musty smell or a clammy feel. 

Depending on the location of the apartment, high humidity levels can cause excess moisture to become trapped in small spaces, such as the bathroom, bedroom closets, and kitchen cabinets. Luckily, there is a super easy and affordable solution to combat high humidity. Introducing the dehumidifier. 

Why Every Apartment Should Have a Dehumidifier

Simply put, a dehumidifier whisks away excess moisture in the air and creates a dry, odor-free environment. Without so much stagnant humidity lingering in the apartment, you can even eliminate the need to turn up the A/C, which will reduce your electric bill and save you money.

Furthermore, did you know that dehumidifiers offer several health benefits? In fact, dehumidifiers are proven to:

  • Eliminate allergens 
  • Reduce dust mites
  • Improve air quality

So, take a deep breath and invest in a powerful, eco-friendly dehumidifier – you won’t regret it!

2. Maximize Living Space with the Couch Arm Wrap Table

When it comes to apartment living, it is important to get the most out of each room. Because of this, common apartment essentials include pull-out sofas and wheeled cabinets that easily tuck under desks, leaving your living space looking put together and well-organized.


For instance, if you are low on space, you don’t need an end table. Instead, you can buy a couch arm wrap table!

things every apartment needs Richman Signature

These practical inventions look way classier than simple TV trays, but they are also extremely easy to remove and bring back out. This gives you the flexibility to capitalize on living space and keep your apartment looking stylish, clean, and decluttered. 

Speaking of style… 

3. Attract Attention with Magnetic Stickers

If you are looking for the best style tips to brighten your apartment, then you will definitely want to include this next item on your chic decor list. Instantly draw the attention of visitors with magnetic stickers! These cool gadgets adhere to any surface and allow you to “hang” metal objects in unique locations, such as a pair of stainless steel scissors on your kitchen wall.

Unlike magnet bars, magnetic stickers don’t require you to leave behind unsightly holes that can ruin your deposit. Instead, stickers are easily replaceable and don’t even have to go on the wall if you’re worried about the paint. Not to mention, they are extremely cost-effective! A win-win for any apartment decorator. 

4. Keep Clean with a Cabinet Door Trash Hanger

cheap apartment essentials Richman Signature

No one wants to see the garbage can just sitting out in the open. Plus, trash bins take up essential living space and are often unsightly! Here’s a quick fix for this unattractive apartment foe: cabinet door trash hangers! These sensible installations delicately hang on the door of any cabinet and are perfectly designed to take care of all the little bits of trash that accumulate in the kitchen. Another easy solution to take out the trash with ease is a sliding tray. These useful devices allow you to stow your trash bin in a cabinet – for instance, under your kitchen sink – and provide you with an efficient pull-and-slide option to quickly dispose of your trash.

Keep reading to learn about another device that will save you time, space, and money!

5. Invest in a Handy Multitool

Everyone needs tools to install furniture when they first move in, but many forget about them until the last minute or refuse to buy a whole tool kit. Instead of buying an entire toolbox full of unnecessary screwdrivers and cutters, just buy an all-in-one multitool! 

This clever jack-of-all-trades is a must-have for any apartment. It includes everything you need, such as a:

  • Knife to unpack boxes
  • Pair of pliers to pull things apart 
  • Screwdriver to help put furniture together 
  • Can opener to quickly crack open canned goods

Some even have a flashlight attached so you can see in small, dark spaces! With a multitool in tow, apartment living just became a whole lot easier.

6. Avoid Plumbing Nightmares with a Modern Toilet Plunger

Here’s something that should never be forgotten when it comes to things every apartment needs: a toilet plunger!

things every apartment needs – plunger

Trust us, you don’t want to poo-poo this indispensable apartment item. Although easy to forget, a toilet plunger is absolutely necessary when it comes to apartment living. Without one, a simple-to-fix clog can turn into a real emergency and a financial nightmare. 

Nowadays, you can find modern toilet plungers and other bathroom essentials that have a clean and polished look so your bathroom is inviting and comfortable to use. 

7. Organize Your Closet with Wood Hangers

Last but not least, one of the final things every apartment needs are hangers! These nifty closet organizers often get lost or broken before and during your move. That is why you should be prepared to get some more once you have settled into your new place. If you choose to buy new hangers during your move, consider heartier hangers such as wood or metal hangers. Not to mention, you can also invest in sweet-smelling cedar wood hangers that will leave your room with an inviting cedar scent. 


Discover More Apartment Essentials with Richman Signature Properties

Whether you want apartment hunting advice or you need help finding the apartment of your dreams, Richman Signature is here to help. We offer luxury apartments across the country that will fulfill all your lifestyle needs. 

Once you find your perfect apartment, check out our ultimate apartment checklist before you make the move!


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