Make Your Home Pop: Interior Design Tips for Your Place

Apartment Living Hacks

Designing a room can be really difficult and in the end you often spend so much and still aren’t completely happy with the end result. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of tips that can turn your interior designing nightmare to an easy breeze.  Let your room do the talking!

Add Curves

Since most apartments are box shaped, adding some curves are a good way to mix it up! Consider adding round tables, chairs with round edges, and even circular rugs!

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Curtains are Your Friend!

Don’t live with those standard-issue apartment blinds. Add a touch of drama with curtains. Hang them floor to ceiling to create height, or have them flow from a cornice that hides the curtain rod.

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Brighten It Up

A light rug or wall piece can really open a room up and make it seem bigger. A bound carpet remnant can work great. If your apartment came with stained or dark wall-to-wall carpeting, cover it up with a rug in a lighter hue.


Layer Your Bed

Layers add an elegant mix of colors. Prints and pillows can make a space seem airy and give depth to your bed and overall room.

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Hang a Mirror

By hanging a mirror opposite a window, light will reflect and bounce around the room, making the space feel airier. The bigger the mirror, the better your space seems.

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