Our Favorite Outdoor Workouts

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Swimsuit season is upon us once again, forcing us to take action against the now painfully obvious “quarantine 15.” With unconventional exercise regimens becoming increasingly popular and the weather finally heating up, we wanted to share our favorite outdoor activities to inspire your next workout!


Signature’s Tampa area communities, Aurora, Grady Square, Lenox, Sedona, Epic, and The Exchange, have the sun, sea and sand on their side when it comes to outdoor venues. Just steps from Aurora in downtown is Tampa’s Riverwalk, frequented by runners and bikers daily. Our favorite mode of exploration however, combining strength training, cardio and adventure all into one, is kayaking! If you choose not to make the financial commitment purchasing your own, research businesses in your area that have them available to rent. Paddling your way through the bay will get you picturesque Instagram stories and toned arms to boot!

Trail Running

If you want to burn more calories during your workout without having to run longer – and let’s be real, who doesn’t – try trail running! The uneven terrain of outdoor trails forces your body to work harder landing each step making it more effective than running on a flat surface. Post-quarantine, we now understand why dogs get so excited to go outside. Getting those steps in is more fun when you have a furry friend alongside you! Parc at White Rock is the place to be for doggo parents, located next to one of the biggest dog parks in Dallas – White Rock Lake Park. Grab your pup and hit the trails for a unique workout experience!


If you’ve been personally victimized by traditional forms of cardio, rollerblading might be the workout you’ve been looking for! Zipping around on blades will get your heart rate up, tone your lower body and have you feeling like a kid again. Unlike running, blading is a low-impact exercise, meaning it won’t put added pressure on your joints. While jogging and biking lead to more calories burnt, the best form of cardio is one you’ll enjoy doing and make a routine of. First-timers should strongly consider investing in safety equipment such as a helmet and pads before hitting the streets.

Fresh-Air Workouts

The fresh air and natural light taken in by your body when you exercise outdoors invigorates your system. You’ll experience more energy, lower blood pressure and reduced stress levels. Parks featuring outdoor fitness equipment have become popular in many urban cities and offer ample opportunity for dynamic workouts. Museum Park and Alice Wainwright Park in Miami are just a little over a mile from blu27 and feature things like assisted row and push up bars, crunch platforms, box jump platforms, stairs and basketball courts for public use. No equipment? No problem! There are a rang of bodyweight exercise routines found online that can be accomplished anytime, anywhere.

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