6 Reasons Apartment Renters Thrive in Fort Lauderdale

Things to Do

Considering living in an apartment in Fort Lauderdale or relocating to the area? Given the large number of single-family homes in the region, you may be weighing your options, wondering if a home or apartment is best for you. For many, the advantages of choosing an apartment in this fun and fashionable Florida metropolis far outweigh the advantages of a more traditional home.

One could even say the city lends itself towards apartment living. The Fort Lauderdale apartment lifestyle comes with a wide range of advantages, bringing value, luxury, and comfort to your daily life. Here are our top 5 reasons why this Florida city is your ideal choice for apartment living.

The Range of Choices

Fort Lauderdale has one of the most diverse and stunning markets for apartments in Florida, including luxury, modern residences with a focus on style and substance. There are options for everyone, with units ranging from the quaint to the full-service and contemporary. Topping it all off, you have the fresh air and sun that makes Fort Lauderdale such a popular destination for many.

Hip Downtown Living

Of all the municipalities in Broward County, Fort Lauderdale has a reputation as the place to live if you want to enjoy downtown living. The urban center of Fort Lauderdale is hip, exciting, and chock full of everything you want to see and do when you venture out of your apartment. You can enjoy some lush relaxation along the New River, enjoy a drink with friends at The Wharf, or take in art at the NSU Art Museum. Quality of life is built into the downtown Fort Lauderdale apartment living experience.

Spacious Units

Fort Lauderdale apartments offer pretty luxe square footage when compared to other metropolitan areas. While apartment sizes have been getting smaller around the country, Florida apartments have managed to maintain larger sizes than other regions of the country with an average size of around 1000 sq feet. Knowing that you are getting more square footage for your buck can make an apartment that much more appealing.

The Amenities

Apartment living comes with one major advantage in any city— convenience. When you find and live in a high-quality apartment in Fort Lauderdale, you get a wide range of amenities along with your living space, including things such as gyms and pools. All of those extras would be additional costs or come at a higher price point if you lived in a single-family home.

24/7 Vacation

Finally, when you live in Fort Lauderdale, you are in essence living where everyone else goes on vacation! Think about that. Your permanent home is the place everyone travels to in order to get away from it all. Your Ft Lauderdale apartment is the pied-à-terre or weekend getaway spot everyone else dreams about. This realization can make your enjoyment and appreciation of your space that much more profound.

The Beach!

This one is a no-brainer. After all, millions of people come to Fort Lauderdale for fun in the sun and sand. Apartment living in this city can give you an affordable and convenient way to access some of the best beaches in Florida, so your free time can give you all the relaxation you need.

Living in an apartment in Fort Lauderdale brings together some of the best features in modern life. Whether you are a young professional, a couple, or a family looking to relocate, this city has an apartment option for you with all the amenities.

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