Green Living- Easy Tricks to Make it Easy

Apartment Living Hacks

Going green isn’t as tough, or expensive, as you think. All it takes is a lot of little changes to make a really big difference. Go ahead and do your part, starting today by using these 7 easy tips.                                                      

  1. Turn Off the Lights – I didn’t realize how much energy (and money!) I was saving just by turning off the lights every time I leave the room. Using natural sunlight whenever I can has not only brought a sense of newfound brightness to my apartment but has also brought some extra cash due to the lower energy bill.switch off saving power
  2. Pay Your Bills Online – Not only is this method greener, it also is such a time saver.Close up of hands shopping online
  3. Buy a reusable water bottle – I can’t tell you how many plastic water bottles I’ve bought and thrown away in my life. Having a reusable bottle has saved me money and saved the world from more waste.Girl drinking water during training
  4. BYOB -Bring Your Own Bags – Plastic bags are the number one item in landfills. By bringing your own reusable bags to the grocery store, you’re reducing plastic waste.Four filled and colorful eco-friendly shopping bags in the back seat of a car.
  5. Share Magazines and Books – Instead of tossing the latest People Magazine out after reading it, try to donate it to a Goodwill or let a friend borrow it.kaboompics.com_Stack of white magazines with copy space
  6. Buy Eco-Friendly Products – While switching products may not be the easiest thing to do, it’s completely worth it. I waited until I was done with my old facewash before buying an eco-friendly one and it’s not only a lot better for my skin but it adds a certain sense of accomplishment to my day knowing I’m helping out the environment just by washing my face!
  7. Subscribe to Eco-Friendly Newsletters and Blogs – By following eco-friendly websites, the Earth is always on your mind and you’re always getting new tips to keep the world a greener place!
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