How To Decorate Your New Apartment On A Budget

Apartment Living Hacks

Signing a new lease is exciting, but once the time comes to move in, a slight panic may arise. How are you going to decorate a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom without spending thousands of dollars on decorating that apartment?

Decorating an apartment shouldn’t drain your bank account. It just takes a bit of creativity and resourcefulness. Instead of buying that expensive new sofa with the material you love, maybe focus on shape more and re-upholster it? It’s ideas like this that will guarantee your bank account stays stable while decorating your apartment.

Here are a few more tips on how you can decorate your new apartment on a budget:


DIY has been a huge trend in the past few years and for good reason. DIY (Do It Yourself) can open the doors to endless opportunities. Instead of buying that expensive wall art you’ve had your eye on, paint a canvas of your own. Decorate walls with picture frames of fond memories. Make an inspiration wall. The list goes on.

Maybe you have an old piece of furniture you’ve been thinking of throwing out. Any piece of furniture is easily transformed into something new with a fresh coat of paint or new upholstery. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Secondhand Stores & Flea Markets

Secondhand stores and flea markets are your best friend. Take a trip to the flea market on the weekend and browse through the vendors. These vendors are your key to a budget-friendly beautifully decorated apartment. You’ll be surprised by what great finds you’ll stumble upon.

In addition to that, you can find hidden treasures within secondhand stores. And like we said before, never overlook an old piece of furniture because all it needs is a fresh coat of paint.

Floating Shelves

Shelving and cabinet units can be expensive to install. A more budget-friendly option is floating shelves. Floating shelves can easily be nailed into your kitchen or living room walls. Shelves like these are not only cost-efficient but also very aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, they create a lot of extra space within your apartment.

Dual-Purpose Furniture

An often overlooked piece that is crucial to budget-friendly decorating is dual-purpose furniture. Dual-purpose furniture can eliminate the need for additional expensive furniture within your apartment. When shopping or bargain hunting, look for pieces that serve two different purposes such as:

  • An ottoman with storage capabilities
  • A bar cart that’s also an end table
  • A sofa that can also function as a bed

Shopping for dual-purpose furniture can eliminate the need for a variety of pieces throughout your new apartment.

Throw Rugs

Throw rugs may seem like a mundane decoration but they can do wonders for budget-friendly apartment decorating. Throw rugs are sold at almost any furnishing store and come in a variety of prices. You can find some extremely reasonably priced throw rugs easily that are the perfect solution to lightening up a room. In addition to that, throw rugs will protect your floor from scratches so you’ll save money in the end on your security deposit.

Those are our 5 tips for budget-friendly apartment decorating. We understand how expensive apartment decorating can be so please take these tips and embark on your decorating venture! If you’re looking for a new apartment to decorate, contact the Richman Signature leasing office today to schedule a tour of one of our residences!

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