Creative Kitchen Hacks to Make Cooking in an Apartment a Breeze

Apartment Living Hacks

You just love your cozy apartment. But sometimes you wish you had a little bit of extra space in your kitchen to make apartment cooking more convenient. Let’s face it, if you love to cook, you can never have enough spare room in your kitchen! So, if you are on the hunt for the best apartment kitchen hacks to save space and make cooking a breeze, then you have come to the right place.

In this simple step by step guide, feast your eyes on 6 creative hacks that will help you organize your apartment kitchen and cook up some delicious grub for both you and your guests. After all, it’s about time you threw a dinner party at your place!

What are you waiting for? Let’s dig in!

1. Maximize Cooking Space


First and foremost, you will want to properly organize your apartment kitchen to maximize cooking space. For starters, declutter your kitchen counters and remove or throw out all non-essential cooking supplies to give you more room to dice and slice your food. For instance, get rid of duplicate or broken items, such as that chipped serving bowl or your treasure trove of measuring cups.

Then, follow these simple steps to easily organize your kitchen.

Free Up Your Oven and Dishwasher

If you’re like most people who have limited kitchen space, you probably use your oven (and sometimes even in the dishwasher!) as additional storage space. Here’s something we can all agree on: No one likes to keep their pots, pans, and other cooking materials in the oven. Although this ‘organizes’ your kitchen on the surface, it doesn’t actually make apartment cooking a breeze.

So, what can you do instead?

How to Organize Your Apartment Kitchen

As an alternative, add pull-out cabinet racks to keep pots and pans under your sink! Next, invest in free-standing shelves that you can put additional items on. On these shelves, place tools you use on a daily basis, such as your coffee maker, blender, and toaster oven.For the materials you do NOT use every day, store them in baskets ABOVE your cabinets, pantry, and/or refrigerator. Last but not least, install removable hooks UNDERNEATH your cabinets to hang cooking supplies, such as stirs, measuring spoons, and spatulas. This will free up drawer space and make your kitchen look extra modern!

Pro-Tip: Looking for the best place to get storage supplies to organize your kitchen? Check out the Container Store for quality storage items. You can also take a look at local thrift shops, which usually have plenty of awesome kitchen organizers for a great bargain!

2. Invest in an Air Fryer

Haven’t you heard that air fryers are ALL the rage these days? Not to mention that they are compact and take up relatively low counter space. If you don’t already have an air fryer, then here are some reasons why you should consider adding one to your apartment cooking essentials:

First, air fryers can cook anything from chicken wings to steak in a fraction of the time. Next, they are scientifically proven to be healthier than traditional cooking methods, such as frying in oil. Plus, they are pretty easy to keep clean!

3. A Toaster Oven is Your Best Friend

Want an alternative to an air fryer? Consider getting a toaster oven. Especially if your apartment does not have an oven, you will want to get a toaster oven! Why? Because toaster ovens are a convenient, easy way to cook up some grub. Sure, you can just throw your baked potato in the microwave and cook it just the same… but it won’t give you the same bite as a potato baked in a toaster oven would. Think of all of the possibilities: Crispy pizza, melty grilled cheese, toasty sandwiches and so much more. A toaster oven could make easy cooking a dream!

4. You Can Use Your Coffee Maker to Cook Delicious Meals

You heard us correctly. If you are looking for the ultimate apartment cooking hack, look no further than the humble coffee maker. From steamed vegetables and soup to ramen noodles and even poached salmon, you can make it all in a coffee pot! Since a coffee maker has natural steaming abilities, you can cook a wide variety of dishes in this magical multi-purpose kitchen appliance. Just be sure to give your coffee maker a thorough deep clean after you make your meal so your morning coffee doesn’t taste like salmon and broccoli!

Pro-Tip: You can also perform some of these recipes with an electric kettle or even a dishwasher.

5. Portable Blenders Make Chopping a Simple Task

You probably associate blenders with smoothies and protein shakes. But you can also use this awesome electronic as a multipurpose tool to chop, dice, and pulverize. No need to pull out the knives and cutting board. Just throw in your nuts, veg, or other delicacies in the blender and hit the pulse button a couple of times for a nice chop. Or you can choose to cream your own guac, sauces, and soups! If you don’t have space for a full-size blender, you can do the exact same thing with a small, hand-held portable blender.

Pro-Tip: For the perfect scrambled egg, ditch the whisk and bowl. Instead, crack some eggs in the blender, add a splash of milk, a pinch in some salt and pepper, and then pulse, pulse, pulse! Pour it into a skillet (or your coffee maker for a nice steam) and enjoy. So simple yet so delicious!

6. Add a Magnetic Knife Rack

The last apartment kitchen hack on our list is none other than a magnetic knife rack. This stylish space saver allows you to hang your knives safely on the wall, saving you even more drawer and counter space. Plus, it looks incredible! If you want to consolidate your drawer space even more, you can remove your silverware from the drawers (including butter and cheese knives) and put them in mason jars, cups, or decorative mugs. Place them on your dining table, countertop, or free-standing shelf instead for a cute, chic look.

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