Ballin’ on a Budget

Apartment Living Hacks

This saying has become my life motto lately. We all know how expensive life can get. Luckily, these tips help me budget better and be able to enjoy life’s finer things.

1. Make a Spending Limit

These aren’t the most fun words to hear, but it’s seriously so helpful. By setting a cap, you tend to not spend on smaller, less important things and end up buying things you need or really want to do.

2. Get Mint: The App

This App is a budgeting life saver. It acts like a digital financial planner and helps ensure you stay within the budget you create for yourself. You can also set goals for vacations and get updates on your credit score.

3. Join Groupon

This is seriously such a great source for getting deals on anything and everything. You can eat, lose weight, get beautified, and take a road trip for a fraction of the price with Groupon.

4. Go to the Movies…Earlier!

If you’re anything like me, you love the experience of going to the movies. (Nothing quite like movie theater popcorn, right?) Try catching the matinee show! It’s at least three dollars cheaper and less crowded.

5. Help the Earth and your utility bill

Turn off the lights, computers, etc. if you’re not using them! This not helps our planet but saves some money when it comes to bills.

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