7 Quarantined Activities For Your Apartment

Apartment Living Hacks, COVID-19 Updates

Well, it’s quarantine time, everyone! Most of us are at home, either working remotely or trying to find some way to keep ourselves occupied during the Coronavirus Shutdown of 2020.

When you live in an apartment or smaller space, staying mentally engaged and healthy can be just a bit harder. Here are some of our favorite tips to making the most out of a small space in these demanding times.

Stretch to Relieve Coronavirus Stress

Stretching doesn’t take much space, and it’s a great way to relieve stress and relax your body. There are even stretch bands you can find online that attach to a door and allow you to stretch well in compact spaces. If you want more dynamic stretching, consider investing in a yoga mat and following along with some yoga classes online.

Pass the Time With an Art Project

Most art projects don’t take that much room; in fact, one table surface can suffice for most at-home art projects. You might even consider working on a model plane or ship, if you’re so inclined. Looking for more room? Consider moving your project onto the wall. A large section of craft paper is all you need to give you a bit more creative wiggle room.

Read a Book

You should never forget the classics! Reading a book is a great way to while away the hours in a cozy apartment. You can even set yourself with a reading-specific nook or space. Make sure you have a blanket, a cozy pillow or two, and a lamp. Bingo, you’ve got a reading nook! You can even pin up images related to the book you’re reading to create even more ambience in your reading space.

Organize Your Small Space

A great way to occupy a few days is organizing your small space to make it more efficient. Anything from new shelving to a murphy table can put your small space to better use. Focus on getting rid of clutter, and seeing how many spaces can serve multiple functions.

Have a Family Movie Night

Many movies that would have been in theaters right now are available for streaming online. Instead of just turning on the computer, make a big deal out of movie night. You are definitely going to want popcorn, and some candy wouldn’t hurt, either. If you have smaller children, have them make up tickets and play the usher to make it a true theatrical experience.

Stick to a Schedule

Experts are saying it again and again— one of the best things you can do for yourself is stick with a schedule. Many of us are already forgetting what day of the week it is, for one. A schedule is a good way to stay focused and engaged… and not fall over the brink into endless Netflix binge watching!

Clean Your Apartment

Doesn’t sound like much fun? Well, you don’t need to scrub your apartment floor to ceiling every day. Rather, make cleaning a part of your daily ritual. For example, someone who lives in a hardwood floor apartment might get up, make their bed and sweep each morning.

It’s well known that having a clean apartment can actually reduce stress, which is much needed during times of quarantine.

A cleaning ritual is a great way to appreciate your space so that it will appreciate you right back with comfort. Staying on top of light chores can make your space much more enjoyable in the long run.

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