5 Valuable Career Skills You Can Learn From Home

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We are all currently facing a new reality in which we’re spending most of our days at home. The task of filling our newfound extra time has exciting potential and can be a unique opportunity for growth. Instead of drowning in the constant daily news cycle, make the most of this time by pursuing knowledge of value.

Spruce up your professional repertoire with these 5 career skills to learn, (or boost) from home!

Learn to Invest

Money left sedentary in a savings account represents a missed opportunity to increase your financial worth. Learning to grow your income through investing will give you a lucrative lifelong skillset, the benefits of which are endless. Reputable online courses and accredited books on the subject are great places to absorb the basics. First-time investors unsure of their potential for risk should consider using stock simulators as practice. Smart-phone apps like Acorns do the investing for you making the process easy and painless.

Master Adobe

In today’s digital age, the ability to create captivating visual content is extremely valuable. Adobe programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign offer in-depth online training courses that teach users top design tools. Video has become the most engaging and often preferred communication medium in many industries. Learning how to edit videos using Adobe Premiere is a powerful tool to have under your professional belt. While most software packages must be paid for, there are other Adobe apps and programs you can utilize for free.

Become Fluent in a Second Language

The ability to speak multiple languages opens new doors for professional achievement. This is a coveted skill in any industry, sought after by hiring managers. Online language learning platforms range in price and teaching style so you can find the one that works best for you. A wealth of free material is available in the form of ebooks, videos and podcasts that give you the world of language at your fingertips.

Complete a Certification

If you want something tangible to show for mastering a new skill, consider completing a certification. It goes without saying the certification you choose to pursue should be applicable to your job field or professional interests. Examples of this might be a marketer certifying in Google Analytics, an IT professional taking a course in project management or a sales agent becoming a Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP.) Your new certification may even be used as leverage for a promotion or pay raise!

Create a Personal Website

A personal website is a more dynamic way to display your professional summary than a standard resume. Personal websites give you the creative freedom to establish your individual brand and earn you a competitive advantage in the job market. There are both free and low-cost platforms available to assist you in designing your online presence like Squarespace and WordPress.

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