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I’ve been living at Palm Ranch for two and half years now and I can honestly say that the property has finally hit a great stride, the current manager Melissa has brought order to a rocky last couple of years. It’s a solid place to live now, the pool is a great to be at, the gym is clean and always in good repair. The gates work and do provide adequate security. Melissa also brought order to the parking situation with the folks that were creating problems. The management team has this place rocking. The maintenance staff has always been the star of this property, Mauricio has this place in absolutely the best shape. Maintenance is always completed the same unless he has to order a part and with most times by the next day or so. Yet the best part is that Mauricio really cares about the property and the tenants that live here. Palm Ranch is truly a great property where other properties are just that… other places. – 5 Stars, 4/12/18

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