Top 5 Things to Look for in Dallas Apartments

Apartment Hunting

Looking for an apartment in Dallas, but don’t know where to begin? The options out there can be overwhelming. What are the criteria you should use to narrow down your choice? We’ve compiled a list of the most important things to look for in Dallas apartments. Building a quality of life for yourself, we believe, means bringing together these features.

Convenience of Location

We all started living in cities so we could be near things we need. Why isolate yourself, then, when choosing a Dallas apartment? Look for a location defined by convenience and balance. Options in Northeast Dallas are a good way to find this balance, providing access to outdoor activities and over 235 shops and restaurants at Northpark Center. You’re just a few minutes away from downtown, too, and within an easy commute to popular sites such as the Dallas Museum of Art or the Majestic Theatre.

The Right Amenities

Just because a property might list amenities, it doesn’t mean that they are either quality amenities or the right amenities. What are the ‘right’ amenities? Ones that offer something for anyone and for any mood. A well-appointed pool is standard, but how about a pool table for a low-key evening with friends? Or a pet spa for when your dog needs a groom? These are the small touches and variety that matter. Look for an apartment that gives you options when it comes to amenities.

Outdoor Access

While some of us love to live the city life and nothing but the city life, others of us like to have a balance. One of the best ways to enjoy life in an urban area is to find a place to live that maintains a balance between city life and other options.

In Dallas, we are lucky to have White Rock Lake Park and the Santa Fe Trail, for one. An apartment located near White Rock Lake, a 1000-acre+ park, means that you can get all that you need out of urban living, but then turn to the outdoor life when you need a break.

Cycling or running along the park’s 9.33 mile trail is one popular option. There’s also a kayak concession in case you want to get on the water and a dog park for Fido. Finally, there’s a museum to enjoy for your rest days and even a bird-watching area if you just want to relax in the outdoors. It doesn’t get better than living near White Rock Lake in Dallas.

Quality Design

The standards are high these days when it comes to design in apartments. Gone are the days of building bland structures with no style or substance. It’s an expectation not an exception today that developers deliver buildings that look good, so don’t shortchange yourself on style!

Common Areas

Apartment living had been isolating in the past. Today, developers endeavor to build apartment buildings with more common areas, giving you an opportunity to socialize and interact with neighbors and build community. Look for an apartment that gives you these options. Seating areas in a lobby, outdoor fire pits, and more can make a real difference in your quality of life and sense of community in an apartment building.

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