Richman Signature Virtual Backgrounds

Apartment Hunting, Home

Itching for a change of scenery? Get a taste of what it’s like to work from home at a Richman Signature community with these virtual backgrounds!

Our vast array of vibrant locations and design styles speak to every mood!  Bring a piece of Richman Signature into your next video meeting with one of these virtual backgrounds inspired by our communities from coast to coast. Scroll down to find your design style.

Industrial Vibes – Aurora Downtown Tampa

With exposed elements, open spaces and large windows, the industrial vibes of Aurora in Downtown Tampa leave plenty of room for creativity and innovation.Aurora Downtown Tampa


Rustic Edge

With shabby-chic touches and laid back furnishings, the airy and timeless design of the Parc at White Rock in Dallas will give you a taste of the sweet and welcoming Southern hospitality.

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