Important Things to Look for When Choosing a Neighborhood for Your New Apartment

Apartment Hunting

The biggest determination of a home’s value is undoubtedly its location, location, location! It is also one of the most significant choices you will have to make in your search for a new apartment. Richman Signature communities were all designed offering unparalleled conveniences regarding their ideally situated addresses. While the value assigned to each element of a community is subjective, there are important things to look for when choosing a neighborhood to call home.


Does the neighborhood support your lifestyle? Take into consideration what you prioritize in your day-to-day life – how you choose to un-wind and your personal non-negotiables. The ideal neighborhood for a socialite type will look very different from that of a homebody. If your free time is spent in search of the perfect trail to hike, you probably won’t thrive in an urban downtown setting. Our Signature collection of luxury apartment communities exude the vibe that their location attracts. F11 in San Diego and Aurora in Downtown Tampa puts residents at the intersection of the city’s most vibrant living experience while The Parc at White Rock in Dallas combines city living with the wonders of the great outdoors. You will be happiest in your new home if you choose the neighborhood whose amenities reflect your lifestyle.


Your neighborhoods proximity to shopping, healthcare and cultural attractions matters as does its access and walkability. But perhaps the most significant factor regarding your community’s location will be your commute to work. Extensive daily commutes can take a toll on you both financially and emotionally and could be a deal breaker for an otherwise ideal living situation. Those whose careers require frequent travel might be best suited near a major airport or modes of rapid transit. Keep in mind that neighborhoods with greater accessibility usually reflect this with higher rents. Location highlights can be found on each of our Signature property websites.

Upcoming Developments

Research what the city has planned for the area you are looking to move to. The entire atmosphere of a neighborhood could be altered because of new construction or road expansions. The seclusion that drew you to a specific community might be short-lived should a new subdivision be in the works. If you were turned off by a neighborhood’s lackluster vibe, news of a new recreational development being built nearby might have you sold on the place. The city’s future will surely have an impact on your own.


Before choosing a neighborhood to move to, you should spend some time interacting with the locals. Attend community events to get a feel for the culture and diversity of the area. Devote a Sunday to people-watching at the town farmer’s market or a popular coffee spot. Follow our Signature communities on social media to see what resident life is like. Monthly resident event calendars are displayed on the property websites and are always open-invite to anyone considering moving in. Finally, don’t shy away from asking the people who live there about their experience. All of this will give you great insight into what life will be like if you choose to make your home here.

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