Must-Have Apartment Modifications for Beach Living

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Living in an apartment near the beach brings with it a lot of benefits, including fresh sea air and fun in the sand and sun. Maintaining a household, however, near the beach can be slightly more complicated. Many of the things that make beach living so delightful can cause wear and tear on your apartment. The following are some of our favorite tips from keeping your place sparkling and chic for truly glamorous beach living.

Shoe Rack by the Door

Sand tracked through the house is the fastest way beach apartments can get messy and uncomfortable. Since outdoor foot showers aren’t always an option in apartment living, how about a stylish shoe rack by the door? Ask all visitors to just slip off their shoes when they come in. You can even offer them some slippers or flip flops, if you like, to make the experience more comfortable.

Throws on Couch and Upholstered Chairs

Salt and sand on beach clothing can really do a number on your upholstery. Rather than go the way of your grandparents with plastic (!) covers, consider placing some throws on various chairs and your couch. You can also find universal slipcovers in fun shades and patterns that just might fit over your favorite furniture.

Clean Neutral Tones

The beauty of beach living is that the outdoors provides much of the décor for a space. Let the glamour of the beach do its work by keeping your décor clean and neutral. Beach tones in sand, light blues, and whites can add to the overall theme.

Natural Materials

In addition to choosing neutral tones that complement the beach but let its beauty shine through, you can choose materials that emphasize the natural beauty of your setting. Linens, wickers, and wood are just some of the choices that can make your beach living apartment stylish and lovely. If you go in for area rugs, consider one that is woven or has a very short shag to make cleanups easier.

Double Door Mats

Another great way to stop the march of sand into your beach apartment is to use two doormats at your entrance. Place one in the hall and one just inside the door. This second line of defense can go a long way towards reducing the volume of sand that can pile up in your apartment.

House Towels and Beach Towels

There are never too many towels in a coastal home. Consider keeping a set exclusively for the home and a second set for beach forays. You can also use festival blankets on the beach as an alternative to towels. These lightweight blankets give you a lot of space and don’t retain as much sand as some towels.

Living at the beach in Miami is the ultimate lifestyle for many of us. By making a few wise choices, you can enhance the beauty and comfort of living in this luxe setting.

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